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About ARMD

ARMD was founded to assist automotive retailers in successfully navigating through an ever growing, regulatory maze. The company founders are a team of automotive, finance, technology, education and legal professionals dedicated to improving dealership management of regulatory compliance obligations. Get ARMD.

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Our Compliance Management System is built to the specifications that the Federal and State Regulators require to support all the staff in your dealership.

We support all the FTC requirements of the Update to the Safeguards Rule for all of your staff. Deadline is June 9, 2023!

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Benefits of ARMD

Reliable and repeatable application of compliance policies and procedures, training and auditing using an automated rules-driven technology platform, having the identical architecture set forth by the regulators.

Automated Staff Training

Train your staff and confirm that they have mastered the subject matter relating to laws, regulations and company policies that apply to each job in the entire dealership for their day-to-day job responsibilities. From the Chief Compliance Officer to the Lot Attendant.

Automated Audit Scheduling

Using turnkey audit templates to assess the overall effectiveness of your business’ compliance policies and procedures and training for the entire dealership on all the applicable laws.

Compliance Tracking

Your (written and published) policies alone do not demonstrate compliance. If procedures and training activities are not documented, it never happened.

Customer Complaint Tracking

A proactive customer satisfaction solution for Dealerships to manage all customer complaints in one location and to provide documentation for the regulators that resolutions of complaints in the entire dealership are done in the time required by the regulators. This is the window into the Dealership’s operation that regulators use to audit.

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The legal landscape for Auto Dealers has become so complicated. It now requires a dealership to have a subject matter expert that can help navigate the slopes of the regulatory world that is central to the dealership operation. Meet our Virtual Compliance Manager®.
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Cash Reporting Rules

Listen to a preview of Cash Reporting Rules and Form 8300. Our unique instructional design keeps your staff actively engaged in the learning process.

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