ARMD was founded to assist automotive retailers in successfully navigating through an ever growing, regulatory maze. The company founders are a team of automotive, finance, technology, education and legal professionals dedicated to improving dealership management of regulatory compliance obligations. Get ARMD!

ARMD Virtual Compliance Manager®

Our advanced, online technology system identifies and assigns your staff with time sensitive tasks to manage and document compliance oversight. The ARMD system automatically tracks progress and sends reminders of task completion due dates. Compliance tasks not completed within the prescribed time period are identified and reports are escalated to senior management for resolution. In other words, you manage by exception so you can stay focused on the primary demands of your business.

Equally important, the Virtual Compliance Manager assigns and delivers high quality compliance training to your associates throughout the year. Assignments are generated based on organizational roles and critical compliance timing requirements.

Risk Assessment

Are you Prepared for a Regulatory Audit?

Are You Compliant?

Cash Reporting Rules

Listen to a preview of Cash Reporting Rules and Form 8300. Our unique instructional design keeps your staff actively engaged in the learning process.

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