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The legal landscape for Auto Dealers has become so complicated. It now requires a dealership to have a subject matter expert that can help navigate the slopes of the regulatory world that is central to the dealership operation.

The recent formation of the CFPB and the political climate in the US aimed at further regulating the consumer financial industry means Dealers must adapt their business to embrace these growing legal changes. The regulatory environment is ever growing for the Auto Dealer, just to conduct their business. This new agency is an addition to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the State Attorney Generals and a hungry group of plaintiff attorneys all aiming for the Dealer.

A competitive advantage for an Agent is to have a turnkey compliance solution as a resource to grow your agency into the future. A Virtual Compliance Manager ® from ARMD helps to simplify the degree of difficulty that the legal landscape presents to the dealership by automating many of the functions necessary to remain compliant.

Become an Agent of ARMD Resource Group and provide your Dealers with a fighting chance to handle the challenges that they face in doing business in today's marketplace. Help your Dealer stand up to audits and lawsuits with a Virtual Compliance Manager and provide them with a compliance subject matter expert!

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